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Halcyon Days 7" EP (2009)

Image of Halcyon Days 7" EP (2009)


Halcyon Days - The second ep on 7" with free MP3 download included.

Side A
1. Briefcase of Ignorance
2. Lapels
3. Look At Me

Side B
1. Bandwagon Hi-Jack
2. The Clue is in the Title
3. Your Name Not Here

db002 / tns006
Drawing Board Records / TNS Records

Recorded by Luke Yates and Sounds of Swami.

Artwork by Chris Thomas
Photography by Tim Rickaby

© Bomber Music 2009


“Definitely a band you should be keeping an eye out for”Lights Go Out

“Mightily impressive 7”
Scanner Zine

“‘Look At Me’ might well be my favourite punk song of the last 5 years”
Mass Movement

“Halcyon Days has truly blown me away” Mild peril

“This is just good. Simple as that.” Punktastic

“Sounds of Swami have excelled here” Cypher Music

Sold Out